Regional Board

The full-time Board consists of the Regional Authority Director Ludger Stüve (SPD), the First Deputy Director Birgit Simon (Green), and the Deputy Director Thomas Horn (CDU). The term of the full-time Board members is six years.
A maximum of eight volunteer deputies are elected for one legislative term (five years) and form the Regional Board together with the full-time members. The extended Regional Board includes the Mayors of the self-governing cities of Frankfurt am Main and Offenbach am Main as well as the District Administrators of the districts of Groß-Gerau, Hochtaunus, Main-Kinzig, Main-Taunus, Offenbach, and Wetterau. Furthermore, the Regional Board includes five consulting members from the areas of business and environment. The metropolitan area is represented in the Regional Board by nine members with guest status.

More information about the Regional Board members can be found on the commission information system (German, Gremieninformationssystem) of the Regional Authority FrankfurtRheinMain.

Regional Board 2017

Front (l.t.r.): Ludger Stüve (SPD), Authority Director; Birgit Simon (Green), First Deputy Director of the Regional Authority; Peter Feldmann (SPD), Mayor of the City of Frankfurt; Uwe Becker (CDU), Mayor and Finance Officer of the City of Frankfurt.

Middle (l.t.r.): Jürgen Banzer (CDU), Member of the state parliament from Oberursel; Horst Schneider (SPD), Mayor of the city of Offenbach; Gisela Strang (SPD), Major of Hofheim; Ulrich Krebs (CDU) District Administrator of the Hochtaunus district.

Back (l.t.r.): Claus Kaminsky (SPD), Mayor of Hanau; Axel Bangert (SPD), Mayor of Weilrod; Joachim Arnold (SPD), District Administrator of the Wetterau district; Michael Cyriax (CDU); District Administrator of the Main-Taunus district; Claudia Jäger (CDU), First District Councilor of the Offenbach district; Thomas Horn (CDU), Deputy Director of the Regional Authority.

Missing: Frank Kaufmann (Grüne), Member of the state parliament from Dietzenbach; Erich Pipa (SPD), District Administrator of Main-Kinzig district; Oliver Quilling (CDU), District Administrator of the Offenbach district; Thomas Will (SPD), District Administrator of the Groß-Gerau district; Dr. Stefan Ruppert (FDP), Hochtaunus district.