Regional Chamber

The Regional Chamber is the highest decision-making body of the Regional Authority. The members elect the main and voluntary members of the Regional Board. The Chamber makes all important decisions, monitors the management, and passes the budget. In particular, it is responsible for creating and amending the regional preparatory land use and landscape plan.

The members of the Regional Authority FrankfurtRheinMain delegate one representative to the Regional Chamber. The representatives of the City of Frankfurt am Main have twelve votes, the City of Offenbach am Main four, the City of Hanau three, and the cities Bad Homburg vor der Höhe and Rüsselsheim am Main two votes each. All other member municipalities have one vote each. The representative is elected by the representative bodies of the Authority members; only members of its bodies can be elected. Two deputies must be elected for each delegate. The term lasts for the duration of the term of the representative body of the Authority members.

Information about representatives, proposals, and decisions can be found in the commission information system (Gremieninformationssystem, German) of the Regional Authority.