The Planungsverband Ballungsraum Frankfurt/Rhein-Main (Frankfurt/Rhine-Main Conurbation Planning Association) is a public corporation and was set up on 1 April 2001 by the Hesse Conglomeration Act (Ballungsraumgesetz) as the legal successor to the Umlandverband Frankfurt (Greater Frankfurt Association). The Planungsverband coordinates the interests of its 75 member communities for major issues, balancing these with regional planning concerns. Its main tasks are the creation of a Regional Land Use Plan and a Landscape Plan.

The Regional Land Use Plan, created in close cooperation with the Regionalversammlung Südhessen, is a pioneering project: never before in Germany a Land Use Plan has been created for an entire region. The plan, which should be in force by the end of the decade, sets out the framework for the development of the region until 2020.

The Landscape Plan has a similar scope. Until 2001, 43 of the current 75 member municipalities were working together in the Umlandverband. In 2000, that body finalized its Landscape Plan for its members. In the meantime, landscape planning has been carried out for the new members. This process is almost complete and the plans have also been harmonized with the existing plan compiled by the Umlandverband. The ultimate objective is to prepare a Landscape Plan that can be integrated into the Regional Land Use plan.

Another of the Planungsverband's functions is to carry out regional monitoring. The association systematically monitors and analyses all important structural data for the conurbation and the wider Frankfurt/Rhine-Main metropolitan region. The Planungsverband also manages projects funded by the European Union and offers an advisory function for communities in the management of EU-Funds. In addition, the Planungsverband is involved in three separate companies: the RhineMain Regional Park Company, the FrankfurtRhineMain Corporation – International Marketing of the Region, a company that works to promote the region as a business location, and the Frankfurt RhineMain Cultural Region Company. Currently, the association is also developing a concept for retail trade in the region.

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